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Toward a Psychobiology of Posttraumatic Self-Dysregulation

Correlates of EMDR Therapy in Functional and Structural Neuroimaging: A Critical Summary of Recent Findings

Dissociation of the Personality in Complex Trauma-Related Disorders and EMDR: Theoretical Considerations

How to use Frasers table


The Relation Between Disinhibition and Emotion Regulation in Boys With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The Role of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy in Medicine: Addressing the Psychological and Physical Symptoms Stemming from Adverse Life Experiences

EMDR For the co-occurring population

Dealing with feelings: How children negotiate the worlds of emotions and social relationships

Metacognitive Emotion Regulation: Children’s Awareness That Changing Thoughts and Goals Can Alleviate Negative Emotions

Evidence-based child and adolescent psychological  interventions

Trauma-Informed Interventions | August 2008

Applying EMDR on children with PTSD

Revealing Children’s Experiences and Emotions  through Q Methodology

Social Cognitive Theory

Emotional Regulation: Considerations for School-Based Group Interventions

Proposal To Include A Developmental Trauma Disorder Diagnosis For Children And Adolescents In DSM-V

Treating Covert Ego States with Energy Psychology: The Keys to Healing Trauma and Depression

Using Elements of EMDR in a School Setting to Help Children Deal with the Impact of Trauma and Negative Experiences

The Early Development of the Autonomic Nervous System Provides a Neural Platform for Social Behavior: A Polyvagal Perspective

How to Implement Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

School Based Interventions for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

The Heart of Learning and Teaching: Compassion, Resiliency, and Academic Success

Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools

SAMHSA’s National Center for Trauma-Informed Care (NCTIC)

Studies of the efficacy, implementation and sustainability of CBITS: An evidence-based mental health intervention for students exposed to trauma

Students Exposed to Trauma: An Efficacy Study of CBITS

Resource-Focused EMDR: Integration of Ego State Therapy,  Alternating Bilateral Stimulation, and Art Therapy

Client EMDR Handbook

RTI for Behavior: Applying the RTI Logic to Implementing Three Tiers of Support in SWPBS and ED Eligibility and Supports

Sandtray in the Schools: A Developmentally Appropriate Intervention

Facilitating Emotional Self-Regulation in Preschool Children: Efficacy of the Early HeartSmarts® Program in Promoting Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development

EMDR & Dissociation: Keeping the dissociated client anchored in the therapy room

EMDR: Where did it come from? What is it? Where is it going?

Training Manual of the Two Part EMDR Basic Training

Managing Depression Using Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

A meta-analysis of the contribution of eye movements in processing emotional memories

Module 2–The Socratic Questioning Method

Common Elements Across Evidence-Based Trauma Treatment: Discovery and Implications

Socratic Questioning Techniques

The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma Re-enactment, Revictimization, and Masochism

Adaptations to EMDR Protocol for use with Children

Intro to REBT

The Phobia and Present Anxiety EMDR  Protocol

The Theory of Structural Dissociation of the Personality as Model for Understanding Dissociative Psychosis

Pierre Janet’s Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress

Dissociation in Trauma: A New Definition and Comparison with Previous Formulations