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The Green Will Conservancy

Friendship House and Lava Tree Lodge Hawaii is based upon the Social Work Settlement House traditions.

Friendship House hosts the hands on Green Will Programs for youth and families and the cross/training peer review/train the trainer, learning community meetings


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The Professional Settlement House community has maintained a core of full time residents averaging 4-5 non-related social work professional members. They share the same community organizational interest along with an ongoing coterie of interns and visiting professionals, small group conference attendees and onsite researchers.

Both Lave Tree Lodge and The Zoar Valley Sanctuary locations have been actively engaged in support of restoration of indigenous peoples rights and culture. We support a wide range of human service/social work activities. We also do work to preserve and enhance the flora and fauna of both  locations and implement invasive species management and forest desease remediation.

Both locations have been extensively botanically enhanced for over 30 years.  Special focus has been on aesthetics and preservation of the physical natural environment in both locations. Architecture and construction has been sensitive to ensure least destructive impact on environment.

Lava Tree Lodge Hawaii retreat consists on nearly 8 acres located in the Puna rain forest of rural Hawaii. The retreat preserves both a high degree of local plant and animal life. At least 30% of the property has been sustained in a natural rain forest state. The remaining area of the property is planted with a large diversity of native and non-native plants, tropical fruit trees, shrubs and vines and landscaped with vegetable and meditation gardens.

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The Green Will Conservancy invites visitors who share an interest in "Green Will" philosophy. We provide an ongoing opportunity for professional training, human service internships and work with the land. We invite you to participate in advance trauma informed and capable training's (such as EMDR). We can arrange corporate and human service organizational development retreats, intensive therapeutic - recreation facilities and  green intern opportunities.

See: "Visit Us"or "Internship"section of the website.

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The Zoar Valley WNY "Sanctuary" summer retreat location hosts a nearly 30 acre old growth forest and year round Trout and Salmon breeding stream. The summer leadership program consists of arranging an annual several week "On The Land" cross-cultural youth leadership exchange retreat. Selected youth from Polynesia are matched with Iroquois, inner city Buffalo NY, and NE Ohio youth and are brought together for this unique encounter under MSW supervision  and qualified Mentors care. Our "Kupuna" elders are selected from these locations and Hawaii to offer moral leadership, augment programming and provide direct support.

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