How does EMDR effect a disturbing memory?

How does a dysfunctionally stored or disturbed memory change with EMDR Psychotherapy?

Can EMDR Psychotherapy be used with children, families, and couples?

Can EMDR Psychotherapy be used on a patient with no history of therapy?

EMDR Psychotherapy invests a great deal of time into ensuring a patients safety, history, ability to self regulate, and to tolerate EMDR psychotherapy resulting in safer successful outcomes.

Is EMDR Psychotherapy for everyone and for every therapist?

Are families and couples prepared to handle EMDR Psychotherapy?

How is communication between families and couples addressed in EMDR psychotherapy?

What happens in the patient in between EMDR sessions?

EMDR Psychotherapy re-stimulates a healthy processing of memory and emotional meaning which may continue between sessions. Clients may also bring up new material for processing. Clients are prepared in therapy to self regulate, document, and bring this material to next sessions to further the healing process in the next session.

How is violence addressed in EMDR family and couples therapy?

What is the difference between EFT and EMDR Psychotherapy?

A broad dialog comparing the two treatment methodologies are provided including similarities and differences between the methods.

Summarize EMDR

Distinguishing between the social and individual and intrapsychic interface with other families