Mentorship Work Readiness Level

21’st Century Skills

The program will offer 2 levels of apprentice status leading to Student stipends that will increase commensurate with the level of advancement and responsibility and competence of the apprentice. Final graduates will have the opportunities to be mentored into developing their own cottage industries and/or businesses and readied for internship in local agricultural or business for exposure and opportunities or to gain meaningful employment by their 18th year. Many will go to college. The main focus of the readiness program will be to achieve mental emotional regulation, have computer literacy skills, have knowledge in human problem solving and awareness of sustainable back yard gardening and/or small scale farming, understand alternative green home utilities such as solar power, water storage and purification, composting toilets, and aquaculture growing fish for foods or recreation. (See green garden lab curriculum)

Advanced leadership oriented participants and families  can work towards attending the the annual “on the land” summer leadership program in Western New York. (see summer program)