Summer Programs in Western New York

The Zoar Valley WNY “Sanctuary” summer retreat location hosts a nearly 30 acre old growth forest and year round Trout and Salmon breeding stream. Summer program consists of arranging an annual several week “On The Land” cross cultural youth leadership exchange. Selected youth from Polynesia are matched with Iroquois, inner city Buffalo NY, and NE Ohio. Under MSW and Qualified Mentors support Our “Kupuna” elders are selected from all those locations and from Hawaii and offer morel leadership, augment programming and provide direct support.


Western New York location consists of  pristine climax forest. Approximately 90 % of the land resource is in it’s natural state. The climax forest is made up of a wide diversity of mature timber, plant and animal life. Currently the preserve supports a year round salmon and trout breeding stream. Efforts at environmental preservation include protection from hunting, trapping and fishing, disturbance of the watershed, plantation of various forms of perennial flora, and efforts to ensure that erosion and other soil depletion does not occur.

The Zoar Valley Region

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