Embrace the Green Will Way

At the Green Will Conservancy, immerse yourself in the lush Puna rainforest.. our sustainable growth sanctuary offers a blend of environmental preservation, mental health retreat – training, encouraging stewardship and personal growth amidst nature’s serenity.

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  • Receive tailored advice and insights on EMDR therapy.
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Bridging Generations: TechBridge “Hui Mana’o” Youth Elder Program

Join us in building bridges across generations: empower youth as IT consultants and elders as mentors, fostering digital literacy and wellness for all! (Foster Kids are very welcome)

Resourceful Connections: Adult EMDR Group psycho- educational Demonstration Program

Discover the power of resourcing in a supportive group setting: join us to navigate-prepare for EMDR phases one and two together, fostering healing and growth! Care–Givers and Therapists are especially welcome.

An array of resources

Our diverse services cater to clients, students and organizations focused on mental health, environmental conservation, and community social work.

  • The Green Will Conservancy aims to inspire perseverance for ecological and cultural sustainability across generations.
  • Their mission is to equip people with skills for resilience and stewardship that foster global sustainability.
  • They emphasize networking to address environmental and social challenges, promoting health, diversity, and resiliency.

Professional Learning Community

  • The Green Will Conservancy provides trauma-informed educational programs for professionals.
  • It offers regular EMDR training, quality assurance, and peer review sessions. Learn More…
  • Remote access to training and consultation is available for mental health providers.
  • Continuing Education for Foster Care Stake holder organizations and Foster Parents in the State of Hawaii.

“The Green Will is a haven where being authentic is not just accepted, but celebrated. Here, I am safe, seen, and supported to be my true self.”

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