Hilo Bay Pollution

A short presentation about Hilo Bay Pollution.

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The breakwater was completed in 1929, and had the effect of trapping most of the debris

A _________ study shows that the territorial government estimated 3.5 million gallons of raw sewage were being dumped into the bay each day.

A 1950 study described the water pollution in the bay as “terrifying,” and warned of the possibility of water- borne epidemic.

Hilo sugar co pollute Hilo bay the most.

The high no3 and no2- concentration measured in the Wailoa River and Hilo bay most likely stem from the land use within this watershed.

Approximately _____ of the Wailoa river’s drainage area is comprised of low- and high-intensity development and agriculture.

Only _____ to ______ % of Hilo is connected to the sewer line.

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Possible anthropogenic sources of no3 and no2 include