‘ Beautiful Healthy Minds Make Beautiful Worlds ‘

The Green Will Conservancy Program is first and foremost a 21st century skills oriented, online and realtime Community Resource, Environmental Quality-Protection -Coherence- Institute.  We operate  a Model Human Service Demonstration Program which has been intentionally located in a economically/ geologically challenged, globally remote, multi-cultural community. Our challenges we believe are representative of the current world conditions. As such we believe the program designs that are developed here are symmetrical, offering a micro lab that social researchers are able to use the programs outcomes as generalizable data to support global-community- efforts at environmental protection. ‘ Together we can make a healthier more beautiful world ‘.

We provide a charitable organization that serves to provide an online interactive resource institute that is research oriented, focuses on 21 st century skills w/ an onsite demonstration model program as a lab. We organize, fund, educate sustainable practices, targeting regional needs, create  opportunities for  youth and families, to globally network, we seek to inspire other (green) organizations and community resources to replicate and or innovate.

As global trauma threatens our beautiful world, we will provide cutting edge neurologically based trauma treatment services and offer continuing education training for community mental health providers in trauma informed and competent care for health, education and welfare professionals.

We focus especially on a 21’st Century pre-vocational Skills orientation for youth up to 18 years of age, their families and for the community resourcors who serve them.