Core Rational

The core rational of The Green Will Conservancy

The Green Will Conservancy believes in raising awareness about the urgent need to preserve and restore bio-psycho-social sustainability. This vision is essential for the well-being of communities, protecting the environment, and ensuring overall social and planetary health. We promote the idea of humans becoming responsible stewards of the Earth, caring for our planet and its inhabitants for the benefit of all.

We advocate for humans to mature into a “Steward Species,” emphasizing responsible and caring guardianship for the benefit of both humanity and the planet.

 (A dominant species whose moral development focuses most of its survival efforts towards systems sustainability)

If we keep up our unsustainable practices, experts predict we’ll see more economic inequality, worse environmental problems, and our natural systems breaking down even more. We’re worried that future generations won’t get to enjoy the world we inherited because we’re not taking care of it properly.

The support systems and cultural diversity that help the human family are slowly disappearing and facing big dangers. We need to act fast and set up small programs that tackle trauma and boost bio-psycho-social sustainability. These efforts should begin locally and then spread worldwide to deal with the urgent problems we’re up against.

The increase in trauma, poverty, physical and mental illness, and the decline of extended families and culturally diverse communities may be signs of the ongoing loss of our biological support and cultural diversity.