Core Rational

The core rational of The Green Will Conservancy

The fundamental principle of The Green Will Conservancy is to foster awareness about the crucial necessity for increased efforts in preserving and restoring bio-psycho-social sustainability. This vision is vital for the well-being of human communities, environmental quality protection, and overall social and planetary health. We advocate for the maturation of humans into a “Steward Species,” emphasizing responsible and caring guardianship for the benefit of both humanity and the planet.

 (A dominant species whose moral development focuses its survival efforts towards systems sustainability)

Predictive models suggest that if humanity continues its current non-sustainable practices, we can anticipate heightened economic disparity, diminished environmental quality, and the breakdown of our bio-system, leading to further degradation. The concern is that our beautiful world may not be preserved for future generations as it was passed down to us.

The biological support and cultural diversity of the human family are gradually eroding and facing serious threats. Urgent actions are needed to establish small-scale programs that address trauma and promote an increase in bio-psycho-social sustainability. These initiatives should start at the local level and then be replicated globally to address the pressing challenges we face.

The rise in trauma, poverty, physical and mental illness, along with the decline of extended families and culturally diverse communities, may indeed be reflections of this ongoing erosion in our biological support and cultural diversity.