Demonstration Programs Models-Research

The Green Will Conservancy serves as a replicable model, and we anticipate public policymakers naturally adopting these small-scale models as their effectiveness and the awareness of the consequences of non-sustainable practices become clearer. Education, mental health, and social work systems are already adapting new neurologically based, social-ecological treatment models to address the trauma and resilience needs of the 21st century.

The program aims to reach individuals and families from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, with a special focus on those at risk of environmental, economic, and social marginalization. We will offer top-tier continuing education for community professionals providing health, education, and mental health services to these groups. Through our online interactive institute, we aim to globally promote awareness of our program models and resources, inspiring others to replicate and innovate.

Our design and implementation embody a demonstration program that can be generalized, utilizing both onsite and online learning systems. We incorporate community organization, ecological system models, and neurologically based trauma-informed/capable care approaches to create a comprehensive and adaptable framework.

The program design and research outcomes are crafted to be highly relevant, accessible, and applicable to the global human population through the use of Internet technology. This approach ensures broader reach and increased generalizability for the benefit of diverse communities worldwide.

We welcome social researchers for onsite study opportunities and actively collaborate with distance researchers, facilitating their involvement through our collaborative practices and internship programs.