Core Rational

Our Core Rational

The core rational of The Green Will Conservancy is as follows. To inspire awareness of the need for more effort to maintain and restore bio-psycho-social sustainability. This vision is needed for human community, environmental quality-protection and social and planetary health. We believe that humans must mature into a role of a ‘Steward Species’.

 (A dominant species whose moral development focuses its survival efforts towards systems sustainability) 

Current predictive models indicate that if humanity maintains it’s current non- sustainable practices. We can expect greater economic disparity, decreased environmental quality, can expect that our bio- system will break down and further degrade.. ‘Our beautiful world will not be left to future generations as we inherited it’

The biological support and cultural diversity of the human family is also gradually eroding and is seriously threatened.” Urgent efforts to create small scale programs that remediate trauma and support an increase in bio-psycho social sustainability must emerge on the local level and then be replicated globally.

The increased trauma, poverty, physical, mental illness, the decline the extended family and culturally diverse communities may be reflections of this erosion.