The Green Will Conservancy reflects models for replication. Public policy makers will naturally replicate these small-scale models as they demonstrate their utility and as the awareness of the impacts of non-sustainable practices become more evident. Education, mental health and social work systems are adapting new neurologicy based, social-ecological treatment models that are addressing the trauma and resiliency needs of the 21st century.

The program seeks to target individuals and families of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, focuses a special emphasis on those who are at risk of environmental,economic and social marginalization. We will provide international level continuing education for the community professionals who provide health, educational and mental health services to them. Online interactive institute will support global awareness of our program models resources and seek to inspire replication and innovation.

Our design and implementation reflects a generalizable demonstration program based on onsite/ online learning systems, community organization, ecological system models and neurologically based trauma informed/capable care approaches.

The program design and and any research outcomes should therefore be more relevant / available / generalizable to the global human population via Internet technology

We invite social researchers for onsite study opportunities and will work with distance researchers to implement these projects through our collaborative practices and internship programs.